Kamen Rider Gills
Kamen Rider Gills


Ryo Ashihara


Kamen Rider Agito



Fought Against:

The Lords ("Unknown")

Rider Ability:

Roaring: Press R to make Gills roar. His Attack will temporarily increase, with his Defense decreasing for the duration.

Super Special Move:

Gills Heel Claw - Gills RAAAAAAAAAAGHs into an enemy as Exceed Gills.

Double Finish Partners:

none (possibly Agito?)

Unlock Data:

(RG2) Clear Stage 4-1 (also unlocks IXA and Amazon)


Ryo Ashihara was an aspiring swimmer whose amibtions were cut short when he was involved in a near-fatal car accident. In return, the accident had awakened a Seed of Agito within him, enabling him to transform into the feral Kamen Rider Gills...whose emergence in turn began to lead to everyone around Ryo either distancing themselves from him, committing suicide, or getting offed by the Lords.

Yeah, since everyone loves Shin now, Gills has to be the new cosmic punching bag of the Kamen Rider franchise. But if all the yelling and ripping and tearing is any indication, he's not taking it lying down.


(For Rider Generation 2 on the PSP, replace A with Circle.)

  • A: Gills Claw
  • ← or → + A: Gills Filler
  • ↓ + A: Gills Assault
  • A (Mid-Jump): Jumping Gills Claw
  • R (Rider Ability): Roar
  • L + A (Super Special Move): Gills Heel Claw (as Exceed Gills)

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