At this page, we have a rough sketch of the game's plot/storyline, for both Generation games.

All Kamen Rider Generation Edit

Opening Sequence


(Trash Yummy is defeated)

  • Trash Yummy: Uuu….Uuuu…Uuu…Aaaa…
  • OOO: Whew……Is this all of them?

(The sound of the DenLiner is heard)

  • OOO: Hm? This sound…?

(Den-O appears)

  • Den-O: I've Arrived!
  • OOO: Huh? Maybe, umm……
  • Den-O: Don't you forget this, now! Listen, I…!

(W butts in)

  • W (Phillip): We'll tell you the story later. Anyway, let's get on the train.
  • Den-O: Hey, you! I still haven't said my line…….!!

(In the DenLiner)

  • OOO: So in order to arrest this criminal, you need power!?
  • W (Phillip): The man's name is Juda. He is a time criminal.
  • W (Phillip): That guy wants to change time in some way….
  • W (Phillip): He has collected monsters and generals of evil organizations from the world of the past.
  • OOO: Monsters from the past!? Yeah, this is bad!!
  • W (Shoutaro): So, we beat those guys, finish the request, and then we come back.
  • W (Shoutaro): Have you heard of the old saying? "For rice cakes, go to a rice-cake maker"…
  • W (Shoutaro): "For an evil organization, go to a Kamen Rider" ya know!
  • W (Phillip): From the DenLiner, we'll gather Riders from the past.
  • W (Phillip): We'll strike first and attack their hideout, too.
  • W (Phillip): How about it? Can you lend us your strength?
  • Den-O: -is what he says, just lend us your friggin' strength already!
  • OOO: Of course! Riders should help each other, right?
  • Den-O: What a good thing to say! Alright, let's depart right away!
  • Den-O: This time too, I'm at a climax from the start!!

During the Final Battle

  • Judah: You aren’t bad. If this weren’t so, it wouldn’t be interesting.
  • Judah: Then, let me show you my evil power.
  • Judah: What I’ll show you now isn’t the power of the evil organizations…
  • Judah: I observed you all carefully, and will have the pleasure of doing this.
  • Judah: Perish before my true power!!

Ending Sequence

  • Judah: Why…? I obtained all of your power…!
  • W (Shotaro): You can’t win just by copying powers.
  • W (Shotaro): We fight with our souls!
  • Judah: Soul…? Don’t make me laugh!
  • Judah: Such unscientific concept doesn’t exist!
  • W (Philip): Truthfully, he’s unscientific. I also didn’t know what to do about that.
  • W (Philip): However, in all ages, you see this strange type of fighting.
  • W (Philip): They… no, we, Kamen Riders are like that…
  • Judah: I’ll be… defeated like… this… by these guys…!?
  • Judah: Thanks to them, my experiment, has been…! GAAaaa…!!
  • Den-O: Yeah, that’s it! You’ve been defeated! By us!
  • Judah: I can’t… I can’t accept…! I can’t accept thiiisss!!
  • OOO: Why did he do all that only to die…?
  • OOO: He took so long to create all that strength…
  • Riderman: He learned everything that there was to learn about the world.
  • Riderman: Including the heavy burden that comes from being a scientist…

(The sky clears)

  • Black: It disappeared… His remade world…
  • Rider 1: Let’s go back home. That is, our ages.
  • Rider 1: We’ll continue to protect the world.
  • Kuuga: I have to go back to my own time to protect everyone’s smiles.
  • OOO: Please do it, until you connect with our time.
  • Rider 2: That’s it. Let’s go tie everything up. For a peaceful world…
  • Den-O: Alright, let’s go! Guys!
  • Den-O: From now on, everything will be a Climax!


All Kamen Rider Generation 2 Edit

During the Battle with Core

  • Goura: Welcome, Mr. Kamen Riders.
  • Goura: I know what lies inside you from what Judah told me.
  • Goura: You're men who hold wonderful powers but use them incorrectly.
  • Goura: However, HIS powers are truly wonderful!
  • Goura: The power to cross time and copy technology after seeing them but once!
  • Goura: He copied many technologies, and left them behind!!
  • Goura: Here are some of Judah's copies, a Gaia Memory and 3 Core Medals.
  • Goura: Now fight, Mr. Kamen Riders!
  • Goura: A beast born from your sad memories!!

During the Battle with Dinosaur Greeed

  • Goura: I am a sponsor for Judah's so-called "research".
  • Goura: But he truly was a foolish man!
  • Goura: He tried to destroy the world using the money of people!
  • Goura: I should rule the world!! This world is mine!!!
  • Goura: But, enough of that….you went through the trouble of stopping me, haven't you.
  • Goura: I'll use your powers to create the greatest army.
  • Goura: But mere puppets aren't good enough.
  • Goura: Soldiers who wait with the willingness and tenacity to fight, those are ideal enemies.
  • Goura: Copied by Judah, a remodeled Diendriver.
  • Goura: This plants memories into summoned copies!
  • Goura: It's very convenient in building soldiers!!
  • Goura: Soldiers with hatred towards you, that burn with the tenacity to fight!

During the Final Battle

  • Goura: Of course, losers that lost to you once are useless.
  • Goura: The strongest soldiers are, yes! You, Kamen Riders.
  • Goura: But since you're similar to those guys, making use of you will be difficult.
  • Goura: Things like a sense of justice and kindness would interfere.
  • Goura: So I will have you let me use just your data.
  • Goura: The data taken from your battles thus far!
  • Goura: This remodeled Diendriver can forcefully synthesize cards.
  • Goura: All of your power and techniques!!
  • Goura: Mixed with the monsters' hatred and battle instinct!
  • Goura: These are, by my calculations, the strongest soldiers!!
  • Goura: Go forth!! Stolas of Power!! Agares of Technique!!

Ending Sequence

  • Meteor: Look….Gentaro! Where Goura was!!
  • Fourze: This is….a Switch?
  • Kengo: It's a type I haven't seen before…
  • Kengo: It's probably one that Judah remodeled like that guy said.
  • Kengo: Apparently, it has the power to connect space with space.
  • Meteor: Then, if we release this….!!
  • Kengo: Aah! Everyone should go back to their original worlds!
  • Fourze: I get it….everyone will separate, huh…
  • Fourze: And just when I was getting to be friends with my seniors…
  • Stronger: Even if you become sad, the hearts of all Riders are one.
  • Amazon: Amazon, Gentaro, friend! Everyone, everyone, friend!
  • Rider 1: Yeah, as long as you continue to fight as a Rider,
  • Rider 1: we will, somewhere, reunite with each other again.
  • W (Shoutaro): If it's possible, next time I want to meet with you guys without the fighting.
  • W (Philip): Us Kamen Riders without fighting?
  • W (Philip): Shoutaro, I think that's a bit difficult.
  • W (Shoutaro): Don't point that out, Phillip. Isn't it fine to say stuff like that once in a while?
  • Rider 2: Yeah. In the meantime, let's strive for a world where we can meet and laugh.
  • Stronger: Everyone, I'm counting on you to take care of each of our eras, each of our worlds.
  • OOO: I too want a peaceful future with someone I want to meet…!!
  • OOO: Take care, seniors!!
  • Fourze: I'll also do my best, so I won't get laughed at by my seniors!!
  • Fourze: …I won't say goodbye. Let's meet again, seniors!!
  • Everyone: Yeah!!!