Kamen Rider Eternal


Katsumi Daido


Kamen Rider W



Fought Against:

Foundation X

Rider Ability:

NEVER: If the player had the sufficient amounts of special meter (Rider Power), player will be revived.

Super Special Move:

Eternal Never End


Katsumi daido was killed in a car accident, his mother tried but couldn't save him until she claimed a serum to revive a person from the dead called NECRO-OVER similar to philip. the affect not only make him to age properly but make him hard to kill, and a skilled fighter that surpass those of living. katsumi and his mother left foundation because necro-over was rejected over gaia memory. they then transform some people who died into necro-over. in south asia, he fell in love and meets jun. katsumi gained eternal memory to become kamen rider eternal. He then went searching for memories and then plans to make fuuto city in his image and turned people into NEVER. He nearly suceeded but was foil by w. soon he abandon his comrades who were defeated by joker and accel, and shot his mother dead. in a climax battle of w and eternal, w finally beat eternal. in his dying breath, he remembered what death feels like.


  • A: Unicorn Maximum Drive
  • ← or → + A: Eternal Edge
  • ↓ + A: Eternal Break
  • A (Mid-Jump): Bloody Hell Blade
  • L + A (Super Special Move): Eternal Never End


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