Kamen Rider Birth Prototype
Birth Prototype


Akira Date


Kamen Rider OOO



Fought Against:


Rider Ability:

Doctor on the Battlefield: When Birth Prototype uses a Life Charge, it will heal him and his partner at the same time.

Super Special Move:

Breast Cannon

Double Finish Partners:


Unlock Data:

(RG2) Clear Stage 2-6 (also unlocks Birth)

"Now...let's start earning."


Akira Date formerly used the original Kamen Rider Birth under contract with the Kougami Foundation in an effort to collect 100 million Cell Medals in exchange for the equivalent in Yen. His contract was cut short, however, when an old pain from a .45-caliber bullet lodged in his head resurfaced during battle. After receiving his full pay and undergoing an operation to have it removed, he returned to assist Eiji Hino/OOO and Shintaro Gotou/the new Birth in defeating the remainder of the Greeed, using Birth's prototype unit to do so.

Birth Prototype is said to only feature 70% of the power of the final model and is only compatible with two of the Birth CLAWs weapons (Crane Arm and Breast Cannon), but Date's familiarity with the completed suit and martial artist background make it just as formidable in the heat of combat.


(For Rider Generation 2 on the PSP, replace A with Circle.)

  • A: Double Impact
  • ← or → + A: Body Slam
  • ↓ + A: Crane Arm
  • A (Mid-Jump): Drop Kick
  • L + A (Super Special Move): Breast Cannon


  • As previously noted, Birth Prototype retains Birth's RG1 idle stance/animation, as Date used it in that game.

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