Kamen Rider Accel
Accel in his Trial Form


Ryu Terui


Kamen Rider W



Fought Against:


Rider Ability:

Engine Memory: Accel can change the Engine Memory in his sword into Electric, Jet or Steam modes, giving him different special attacks.

Super Special Move:

Trial Maximum Drive

"Let's break away!"


A young detective in the Fuuto Police Force, Terui is driven by vengeance to find and destroy the Weather Dopant, the monster who murdered his entire family. He is contacted by the mysterious Shroud, who bestows him with the Accel Driver and Accel Memory, allowing him to become Kamen Rider Accel. Initially, his desire to track down and defeat Weather causes him to butt heads with Shoutaro and Phillip, but over time the three form a close partnership against the Dopants, and his friend's influence help him discover the value of fighting for justice instead of vengeance. He even ends up falling in love and marrying Shoutaro's 'boss', Akiko Narumi.


  • A: Engine Memory Attack
  • ← or → + A: A-Slasher
  • ↑ or ↓ + A: Accel Glanzer
  • A (Mid-jump): Booster Swipe (as Accel Booster)
  • L+A: Trial Maximum Drive: Machine Gun Spike (as Accel Trial)
  • R: Engine Memory Change (Rider Ability)
  • Electric + A: EleCrash
  • Jet + A: Jet Shoot
  • Steam + A: Steam Propel
  • Double + Accel Finisher: Press L+A Near Double to use.


Accel Trial- A blue powered up form of Kamen Rider Accel. This form is significantly faster than Kamen Rider Accel's normal form, but sports weaker armor and overall power. It is more than enough to make up for its weakness by being able to punch and kick at blinding speeds, as well as increasing his overall movement speed to a great degree. Only uses during finisher move in Rider Generation 2.

Accel Booster- A yellow powered up form of Kamen Rider Accel. Accel Booster's most notable feature is its additional armoring compared to Kamen Rider Accel Trial, which hides a plethora of jet boosters enabling Kamen Rider Accel Booster to fly with great mobility, leaving large contrails of fire due to the tripled thermal energy output. Only uses during Booster Swipe (A while mid-jump) attack in Rider Generation 2.



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